Sunday, 23 March 2014

Nature's Scientific Data Journal - first look

Scientific Data is the new data journal being published by the Nature Publishing Group.
The journals aims "to meet demands from science researchers and funders for innovative ways to make scientific data more available, citable, discoverable, interpretable, reusable and reproducible"
While Scientific Data is scheduled for formal release in May 2014, a couple of "pre-release" data statements (articles) have recently been published giving a flavour of what's to come.
Interestingly, the reference lists include a separate section for Data Citations (see below for an example).  A list of recommended data repositories is provided.
Worth a look ... we anticipate data journals will be increasingly important as a mechanism for publishing data.  Amongst other things, they will offer greater opportunity for data citation metrics.
Data Citations
  1. 1. Perkins, A. D., Lee, M. & Tanentzapf, G. GenomeRNAi GR00238-S (2014).
  2. 2. Perkins, A. D., Lee, M. & Tanentzapf, G. Figshare (2014).


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