Monday, 13 January 2014

Hi! Let's cite ...

Anne Stevenson here, a member of CSIRO's Research Data Support team, and new blogger to the new Data Citers blog in a new year (tip: having a Google account is useful necessary for posting; if you don't have one and don't want one, you can post a comment). I have alerts set up in a few different tools to notify me about data citation publications; I'm a happy-to-share librarian, and this blog provides a great way to do that, so you'll likely hear from me from time to time, as I share what I find.

I'll kick off with this recent paper by three members of our Australian data managing/sharing/publishing/citing community: all hail Natasha, Karen and Sam for sharing their knowledge and experience.

N. Simons, K. Visser and S. Searle. Growing Institutional Support for Data Citation: Results of a Partnership between Griffith University and the Australian National Data Service. D-Lib Magazine. 2013;19(11/12).